R-JMEC urges Finance Ministry to approve repatriation budget

By Akol Madut Ngong

The Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (R-JMEC) is urging the Ministry of Finance and Planning to fast-track disbursement of an estimated budget of 2,000 US dollars approved by the National Transitional Committee for repatriation of ex-combatants currently in the training Centers.

This appeal came on Thursday during the 23rd monthly plenary of the Reconstituted Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (RJMEC).

The Interim chairperson of R-JMEC Maj. Gen. Charles Tai Gituai said, “I am encouraged by the recent statement of the President that the Presidency will soon meet and set a date for the graduation of the unified forces with regard to the DDR process,” said Gituai.

“I specifically requested the Presidency and the Joint Defense Board (JDB) regarding the serious violations of the transitional security arrangement in Unity and Upper Nile States that the perpetrators of these atrocities be held to account,” Gen. Gituai urged.

The graduation of the unified forces has been mentioned many times but the peace parties have not yet reached into the ending point because of more officers without soldiers while the agreement has remained less than six months to end the transitional period, this provision prevails on any other contrary text.

Chapter II article 2.2(1) of the Revitalized Agreement states that the pre-transitional period shall start on D-Day and continue up to the completion of the training and redeployment of the necessary unified forces and shall be completed within a period that shall not exceed eight months.

In accordance to chapter II in the revitalized peace agreement article 2.3.(1) says, any agreement to the contrary, the transitional period of 36 months shall start on completion of redeployment of necessary unified forces and on the expiry of eight months whichever takes places first while sub-article 2.3.(2) said throughout the transitional period training of personnel selected for the military, police, security and other services shall continue such as programme of DDR shall continue for ineligible personnel.

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