There should be an end to futile firing and appointing of officers

Firing and replacing leaders, chiefs, governors, ministers at will does not guarantee that the latter will not be the same or worse than the former was before they were kicked out of office.

There should be a deeper penalty to accompany the firing for those leaders who have misused their office to embezzle, bribe, kill and torment the citizens. The government should devise a punishment other than just firing them so that we can have no more incompetent persons taking up offices which are otherwise supposed to be filled by professionals and not the same recurring event of taking one out and bringing another in to create pseudo peace within the people.

The crimes that have been made by the perpetrators have happened and there is nothing that can be done to collect the spilled milk that has already poured. For the lives of the people that have been lost, lives ruined, property destroyed, names tarnished and characters assassinated; little to none can be done to reverse these hard and sad truths except revising the way how to have a better criterion for appointing competent leaders that will not put the counties or their office to jeopardy and avoid the sick and predictable ways of dismissing officers.

Dismissing and appointing of officers is easy when you have the powers to do so                                                                        but making sure that the appointed ones adhere to the duties of office and live to their responsibility is the tricky part there because if one does not know why they are appointed and given office, then they should not be in that office in the first place. So, if the three governors who have been summoned for not being able to control and bring an end to the killings, robberies and crimes that have been happening in their states do not provide a concrete solution to the crimes then where will the truth to the summons and firings be?

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