Lobong calls on Kapoeta youth to embrace peace

By Ijoo Bosco

Over thousand Toposa youth turned up to attend the Governor’s rally in Kapoeta North County to listen to his words after a devastating killing of their beloved ones and cattle raids that left many of them in total agony.

The Eastern Equatoria State Governor, Louis Lobong Lojore addressing thousands of gloomy-faced youths and elders in the rally conveyed message of condolences to the bereaved families, who lost their sons in the senseless cattle raids early this month on the 6th of July this year.

Governor Lobong called on the youth of Kapoeta County and Toposa communities in general to exercise maximum restraint and allow the government to follow the issue of the cattle raids.

He told Kapoeta community that, the causes of their attack was a collaboration of Budi community bordering Kapoeta plus some elites and politicians that has led to loss of lives and cattle raid in Kapoeta North.

He urged the community not to take the law into their hands, be strong and work hard in order to protect the limited resources and wealth in their hands now within the county.

The State government leadership arrived in greater Kapoeta to help address the series of conflicts being reported in the region, brought about by cattle raiding majorly in Kapoeta North that has led to huge loss of lives in consistent attacks.

“I am bringing condolence for you on what has happened to your families here in Kapoeta North on the 6th, the month of July, the President says I should convey you his condolence and that as you cry the people who died and the cattle’s raided mourn it slowly in peace and nobody should hart himselves again” Lobong said.

“And indeed this incident was not good as many of you have been talking this is the first of its kind that I have listened to such thing like this in life since birth” stressed Lobong.

Following the fight, Lobong issued a statement condemning the incident and called on the youth to denounce conflict and rather engage in productive activities that uplifts the welfare of humanity.

The Governor further denounced deadly collaboration of some politicians and state elites that aims to derail the peace of the state, he called on all those suspected members to come on a roundtable for them to dialogue in order to join hands together and deliver to the state community.

He added that, he had worked hard in the last two months to restore peace and security along Kapoeta-Pibor road that has helped goods and social goods to reach the administrative area.

“This incident was caused through a collaboration of some tribes in Budi county and GPAA  and indeed those one are your relatives and neighbours and all this time you people have been living with them in peace and me as your governor I need peace for you all” added Lobong.

“I have been working hard nowadays to open a route from your land here Kapoeta and now Pibor people are getting food and some supply via here merely to hear they have attacked you, what if we close this route will they fly or what,” Lobong lamented.

He said plans are underway to hold a political conference in Kapoeta to enable leaders from Buya, Didinga and Toposa to chat way forward for peace to prevail amongst communities in the region.

Lobong appealed to the youth on both sides to stand down and refrain from further conflict and cattle rustling.

He also directed them to stop any planned revenge towards their attackers in greater Kapoeta region and beyond to help give government a chance to explore the matter of promoting peace and reconciliation.

 “Meeting for kraal people cannot be carried out in the middle of the women here, it can be done outside near the kraal but not in the center of the town, earlier on you people said you need to do revenge this revenge this is not good this is not the place for doing it my last message to you is that, take the presidency words, lets work for peace.

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