Youths advised to stop consuming harmful drugs in Yei

By James Innocent

The chairperson for Yei Youth association Johnson Poru Hillary calls on parents and elders to protect them from using harmful drugs. Johnson mentioned that the drugs are commonly sold in shops to the young people in secret words of which legal authorities could not understand

“I call on parents and elders to double their effort in protecting the young people against drug abuse because the world is really changing, as many youth people are addicted to drug abuse and we also have drugs that are planted in our areas especially Marijuana commonly known as bangi including alcohol which is harmful to the youth, we also have citizens who are selling harmful drugs to young ones calling this drugs in different name so that they don’t understand, I want to thank the government of Yei River County of Central Equatoria State for launching and initiating the inspection and search for harmful drugs in the area including expired goods, he said. He appeals to harmful drug sellers especially alcohol to avail to the government to avoid drug abuse by young people

“If you know, you are selling harmful drugs to youths your destroying their image and exposing them to danger and those ones selling harmful drugs should avail those drugs to the government during inspection and I appeal to the government as a Youth chairperson to continue inspecting harmful drugs from house to house especially those Marijuana in the areas,” he said.

He further stated that there is high cost of living making Youths to get frustrated because of limited employment opportunities. “We have issues to do with high cost of living, which is one of the factor affecting the young people, as we can see our economy is not well stabilized, we the young people some of us are parents, some of us are not parents and we have ambition of going to school but because of few and limited opportunity for employment specially building and construction jobs making the number of unemployed youths to increase which is very dangerous to the society as you can see young people are getting into groups where by they take harmful drugs in the community and this drugs are Bangi and alcohol because of this negligence of the young people as they are not supposed to stay alone rather stay with their parents to seek for advice,” he pointed.

He stated that, the number of unemployed youths is increasing in Yei River County as a result of sectors which are supposed to be created in order to create employment and I appeal to the government to provide more ways of employing the youths and government elders and parents should look into search issues in order to improve the life of all the youths,” he stated.  One of the boda boda chairpersons Emmanuel stressed that, they have challenges of high prices of commodities in the market and fuel price have affected most of the Youths, as boda-boda is the only source of surviving in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State.

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