Lakes State: Private schools dominate in P.8 results

Nelson Makoi Makur Minister of general Education &instruction in lakes state: photo Yang Ater

By Yang Ater Yang

The ministry of education in Lakes state has released the primary eight results of 2021-2022 examination in the ministry’s Headquarters on Monday.

In a statement to media during the announcement in his office, the Minister of General Education and Instructions in Lakes State, Nelson Makoi Makur appreciated the teachers for their tireless effort and commitment for delivering good knowledge and skills to the school children in Lakes State.

Makoi said that private schools performed well in the examinations because their teachers are paid off well, adding the reason why government schools are not performing well is due to some challenges like the low payment of the teachers, spread of COVID-19, insecurity and among others.

He however expressed optimism that now with the 100 percent teachers’ salary increment, there will be improvement of teaching in government schools.

Makoi admitted that the pupils in primary schools in Lakes State hadn’t performed well due to communal conflicts that had affected pupils’ studies and created fear of teachers not committing to teaching.

He disclosed that his plans as State Minister of General Education is to recruit qualified teachers to come and do the work and also to motivate the current teachers who are now in the field teaching well.

The State Education Minister also promised to consider the volunteer teachers who sacrificed themselves to teach but they are not in government pay sheet and they are doing a great job. He encouraged the teachers to carry out their professional work diligently.

He added that the President of the Republic of South Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit declared that education is free and compulsory in all government schools and need everybody to implement that policy.

Minister Makoi appreciated the partners of education in Lakes State for their support to ensure that children received quality education.

Meanwhile, the Secretary for examinations in Lakes State Mr. Barnaba Abbuod Athian highlighted that the number of candidates who sat for examination was 3,428 pupils of which 2,392 passed but among them 53 females and 89 males failed the exams.

He said the registered number of candidates was 3,598 in 120 schools for the academic year 2021-2022 in 8 counties of Lakes State compared to last year 2020-20221 where both male and female registered were 4,579 in 108 schools, and 3,294 passed.

However, the Director General in the State Ministry of Education in Lakes State, Mr. James Marer Aluel assured the public that education is the only vulnerable institution saying when there is good security the education will improve and when there is insecurity there is no education in counties and even in the State at large.

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