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Why is insecurity still rampant even in the city? 

By Kiden Stela Mandela

Our own leaders have ever spoken on the issues to do with improving security in the country, just singing like a song of psalms to bring total peace to the country.

The innocent civilians are bleeding every day including other parts in the country suffering from the same problems. Just shooting all the time why? See what happened yesterday and the day before in Juba meaning that lives of the citizens are in danger all the time.

Instead of knowing what developmental programs are being done over the years of Independence since the CPA was signed in 2005 leading to the Independence of South Sudan from the long war of 1983 with the Sudan government thinking that South Sudan would be a better place to live in but still it has never been easy because the bleeding continues every month and week. It should not be a culture. And all the perpetrators should be held accountable. 

The President of the Republic of South Sudan once said “we are implementing the peace agreement although there are some people among us who are not allowing us to move smoothly and intend to derail it from the path we have taken your eminence, I cannot return this country back to war”. The question is why is there still shooting in the country? Does it mean people are not listening to their leaders? Last month in June, the same situation was created in Ngangala payam where 9 people were shot dead, the bodies stayed for three days before burial, parties should wake up from such events that some claim as communal violence, Tribalism and many more. One thing is that those parties playing such games should know that, it is not the reason as to why South Sudan separated from Sudan. The unity, peace and prosperity that we sing about will not work if we continue to kill ourselves every day. In other way round when you continue pushing someone in to the river, be very careful because if he/she reaches the limit he/she may push back. 

In all these politicians are accountable for such murder because after the independence, the politicians were not ready to cooperate, they took people back to crisis and up to now they are struggling to implement the peace.

I’m appealing to the government and the other political parties to urgently improve on the matter concerning stabilizing security in the country and working towards collecting out guns in the hands of civilians. Parties should be committed to the implementation of the peace agreement.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be right there!        

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