No bail for gangsters causing disorder

Some of the gangsters arrested in Juba over the weekend during an operation by the city security personnel, paraded in front of Juba City Council Headquarters (Photo Courtesy: Mayor’s Press Office)

By Adia Jildo

The Mayor of Juba City Council Michael Lado Allah-Jabu said the arrested gangsters will face the court of law without bail citing that their presence was posing a danger in the society when left to roam freely.

On Saturday, security personnel reportedly arrested 32 gangsters in the Juba City’s suburbs of Lologo 1, 2 and Kasire neighborhoods where gang members were creating chaos and insecurity.

“We will not accept bail or release them; they are going to face the court of law even if he is 15-16, 17. If he commits crimes like murder, we will not leave him. We are serious on this because this is becoming a security problem in the city where by the gangs are creating havoc, atrocities and disorder” vowed Mayor Allah-Jabu.

The Juba City Mayor described the situation as intoxicating; stating that release of the chaotic young gangsters once apprehended and released whether on bail or not will only worsen the situation.

“We have started and will continue. We decided that we work together so that we crackdown those gang activities because they are killers. They must face the court of law” he stressed.

He said some will have to be taken to the state prisons where they will serve their terms were as others will be put in recreational centers.

Allah-Jabu said the presence of the gangsters have left many residence of the city insecure as they cause threat to the community as well as school going children.

“These people are now so many and if we do not widen our eyes, these children are too dangerous to our society. We will not leave them” echoed the Mayor.

He emphasized that children caught indulging in the gang activities will as well face the law as the rest of the outlawed people.

Meanwhile, Taban Charles the acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Juba City Council attested that the crimes committed by the gangs are terrifying as some block school children from going to school.

He said those ones will be cracked down and arrested to face the full force of the law citing previous action by some parents who he said when their children were arrested they rather opted to pay bail to let their children free from the hands of the law.

“They will face the court. The gang members will go for 3 months in prison and if they miss the 3 months, 6 months or a year. The gangs will be taken before court on the 13th August” he announced the fate of the already arrested gangsters now in custody.

The Juba City Council authority said out of the 32 arrested gangs over the weekend, 3 were already being pursued as they were wanted by the police in Lologo for crimes that left 7 people dead and several others injured during the 11th independence anniversary festivities in early July.

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