Sector commanders, parents blamed over insecurity

Sarah Nene Redento, CES Deputy Governor-File photo

By Bida Elly David

The government of Central Equatoria State has cautioned sector commanders and parents for having failed to control the rampant insecurity caused by most youth in most parts of Central Equatoria State especially Juba being the City of the country.

Recently, rampant insecurity concerns were raised by number of citizens inhabiting most areas in Juba as random killings, robbery, beatings and attacks have hindered the lives of many who currently live in the state of agony and fear. The situation had poured blames on the government towards poor provision of security forces to safeguard people in the areas at night.

Speaking during a joint administrative and security meeting in Juba, Sarah Nene Redento the Deputy Governor of Central Equatoria State blamed the sector commanders and parents amid the rampant crimes caused by organized youth in most of the zones and urged them to take serious measures by apprehending them for investigation.

“I am warning area commanders and parents as well as urge them to abide by the rules and regulations on those practicing criminal activities in different areas according to the command issued by the government. We are going to supervise and visit our different sectors to know whether the commanders are performing their tasks and responsibilities as commanded by the government,” she said. 

In his part, Charles Joseph Wani the Juba County Commissioner appreciated the initiative carried by the state government towards accepting to work jointly with the City Council and Juba County to maintain the security situation in the State and he promised to participate fully towards security transformation.

He reiterated and warned people of Lologo and Gumbo to abstain from supporting criminal activities that have jeopardized and reduced the status of living in the area.

“I am calling on the people especially the residence of Lologo and Gumbo to stop supporting youth over committing crimes and leave the matter to be handled by the community leaders and the government to come with final judgment of the crimes accordingly,” he said.

The authorities which comprised of the government, City Council, Juba County and the Police have agreed to conduct area to area inspection aimed at bringing crimes of all kinds to an end and bring total stability to the areas such that residence have total rest and freedom of movement.

However, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu the City Mayor pledged not to spare any criminal who will stand against the lives of the citizens in the city until total peace is witnessed.

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