Entrepreneurs trained on business skills in Aweil

By William Madouk Garang

More than twenty-five young entrepreneurs have attended one-day training on business management skills, conflict resolution and medium enterprises in Mayen-Ulem of Aweil North County.

The training aimed to restore livelihood and productive capacities as part of an integrated recovery and resilience response.

The event was organized by Empower Youth Africa through support from UNDP and Sweden Sverige’s efforts under the theme “Youth Dare for Peace”.

Yom Jel Agou, one of beneficiaries, said he learned a lot of business skills before this training but nothing has changed but now he sees opportunities.

“I really did not approach my business with a plan. In this past week, I’ve learned how successful entrepreneurs act and how to apply those lessons. I now see opportunities all over instead of obstacles,” Agou said.

“I know the concept of initiative seeking, and how to approach someone with resources with a plan for how I will make a profit, I am now saving money every day and I have a plan for the future,” he added.

Agou expressed optimism that next year his goal of investment will expand as he plans to have three additional motorbikes, restaurant as well as to establish shop.

Mr. Agou noted that the training taught him a lot, asserting that if you are committed and persistent person you plan and break down your plans into manageable pieces and the goals can be achieved.

Meanwhile, a 32 year old woman, Atak Akech Garang appreciated the organization for the training adding that she gained a lot of experience and knowledge, and stimulated her talents.

“I’ve heard from the trainees that the experience has been so intense, you don’t sleep for days. We, as retailers, encourage your training program not to stop in Aweil; we encourage your persistence and your goal setting. This training and your entrepreneurship show that Aweil is a calm State and Aweil is a peaceful town,” she noted.

However, Manager of Empower Youth Africa Program, Anyuon Piol Tong said: “Our vision is not only to have small businesses sprout in one county but we want to see these businesses grow, build, employ people, and hopefully spread beyond Aweil, beyond the region, beyond South Sudan, and to become truly global.”

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