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Bring total peace to ease agricultural production

By Kiden Stela Mandela

If the recent findings of the World Bank that South Sudan humanitarian crisis reads at 8.9 Million domiciles in desperate Demand of Humanitarian aid with a total increase of over 600,000 in the past years are true, then it is a serious matter that the government needs to address the issue.

It must be noted that the situation is being caused by the continuous inter-communal violence, tribalism and some untreated diseases causing desperate displacement in country.

With the looming hunger in the country, it is going to be difficult for the Humanitarians to conduct developmental activities such as developing the Agriculture Sector. Also lessening the Humanitarian assistance may create havoc because since the independence on 9th July 2011, the country did not look at farming as the back born of the country because of donations. But the truth is that South Sudanese should demand for supply of Agricultural tools like hoes to boost Agriculture instead of depending on humanitarian agencies and to prove to UN that the country is working hard towards supporting economic growth.

South Sudan has enough land for all kinds of developmental activities such as industrialization and even for farming in large scale to take place in the villages so there is no need to depend on others just you need to work hard to reduce the looming hunger in the future.

For now, the citizens need stable security for the farmers to access their gardens, better roads for the farmers to be able to sell their goods to even international markets because if there is enough production in the country it will reduce the high prices in the country.

As the President has called on the young people to take up Agriculture in order to brace domestic agricultural productions as part of ensuring home based food supply that is a good gesture.

Also early last month, the Vice President for Economic Cluster said “My message to my people is that people should hold hoes and cultivate instead of waiting for Spoons to be put in their mouths. Too much dependence will create laziness and we shall face challenges once our relief partners leave us instead of providing us with food, they should provide us with hoes to produce our own food for improving living standard”.

The Ministry of Agriculture and FAO should work hand in hand to ensure that citizens are taught Agriculture and its importance that in the future will reduce hunger in the country and this will only happen when the everlasting peace is realized.

As the Ukraine war is going to affect more, I urge the government to stand firm in bringing permanent peace to its citizens to promote agriculture.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be right there! 

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