Police pledges to hold killers accountable

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The spokesperson of the National Police Service, Maj. General Daniel Justin had pledged the police authorities’ commitment to hunt down and bring to book perpetrators of the rampant killings and lootings in the country.

There has been increasing cases of civilians being killed day by day within and around Juba city as a result of night attacks, robberies and lootings.

For the past few days the police have registered a number of people being killed by unidentified criminals and none of the perpetrators were caught.

However the National Police Spokesperson Major General Daniel Justin assured the public that no matter how long their investigation takes; they will eventually hold the perpetrators accountable for the crimes they are committing within the country.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Justin confirmed the death of three people in different areas that included one road ambush.

“There was one woman who was killed in Gudele in her house, another was a man who was also shot in Gudele II,” he revealed.

Justin stated that there was also a road ambush that claimed the life of a truck driver who was transporting goods from Torit to Juba, and the attackers are still at large.

“A driver was shot dead and the goods that he was carrying were all taken away and no one has yet been caught or apprehended, however the case is open and we are investigating the issue, no matter how long it takes us to investigate all the crimes being done now we will get them and have the result at the end” assured Daniel Justin.  

However, on the same note the government of Central Equatoria has cautioned the sector Commanders and parents for having failed to contain the rampant insecurities in the society.

Recently, rampant insecurity concerns were raised by Number of Citizens inhabiting most areas in Juba as random killings, robbery, beatings and attacks have hindered the lives of many who are currently living in fear.

The situation had poured blames on the government towards poor provision of security forces to safeguard people in the areas at night.

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