Activist slams gov’t amid contradicting extended interim period

By Bida Elly David

A Civil society activist has slammed and cautioned the government of South Sudan for contradicting information regarding the extension period of the transitional leadership and urged them to explain and be trustworthy over the actual date.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Edmund Yakani, the Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization reiterated that there has been conflicting media information regarding the extension of duration of transitional period by the government creating conflict of thoughts and ideas to the people.

“We have heard conflicting information about the extension of the pre-transitional period. The Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs said, the principals; the President and First Vice President have agreed on the formula for extending the life span of the revitalized agreement. We need the government to explain what the extension tells. Right now in several media there are conflicting proposals coming out. Some people are saying that the extension is 32 Months, others say 30 while others said 28 Months,” he said.

Edmund quoted some people pointing out extension of the pre-transitional period through restructuring the government from thirty two (32) Ministers to 25 as well as limiting two deputies and having one administrative area which is Abyei.

“We heard that extension included restricting the government from 32 to 25 Ministers and three deputies and limiting the administrative areas into only one where Abyei was proposed. In the public domain which is the media, the proposals that are coming out are conflicting and disturbing public opinion” he said.

Furthermore, Yakani has appealed for declaration of official Statement or response by the government specifically following the statement made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to extend the pre-transitional period.

“Our concern is that we need the government to tell us what the extension of the period entails. Election on principle is the only option on the table if you talk of having elections or constitution” he said.  

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