Armed robbers attack pastors along Juba-Torit Highway

By Ijoo Bosco

Over five Pastors from Rhapsody of Realities Church were reportedly robbed along Juba – Torit Highway in Lolere Boma while returning to the State capital Torit over the week.

The pastor in charge of Rhapsody of Realities church, Robert Makmot told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that they were ambushed on the bridge in Lolere by some five-armed men who were putting on different types of government army uniforms.

He said the attackers took all their valuables ranging from money, laptop computer, phones plus material for the church.

He added that, they were coming to distribute books for the church the robbers carried all of them, at last they left after torturing them on the bridge in Lolere.

“We have been Ambushed on a bridge call Lolere, some armed men like five in number others are in uniform that look like national security, others look like wildlife and others for police so they ambushed us and put us on gun point,” Makmot explained.

“So i have to stop on the bridge, I stopped like for seven minutes on the bridge they tried to shoot, we have been praying so hard in the car and the bullet went up so I think maybe God also helped, they moved away from the road and after few minutes we started moving I crossed the bridge and they put us again on the gun point in a place where they finally managed to take all whatever we were having, the money the laptop computer phones everything the material for the church,” added Makmot.

The Pastor added that, he reported the case to the immediate checkpoint in Ibalany and Torit municipal council police station in Torit for them to investigate the matter that happened on Sunday evening.

Torit – Juba highway has started witnessing series of looting by unknown armed men in government uniforms as of yesterday they shot death one Ugandan businessman travelling from Juba to Torit.

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