Tame food, fuel prices before doom falls on us  

The citizens are demanding a sustainable solution for the increasing prices that are soaring while their hopes are going down the drain. Food is getting more expensive, fuel prices are going higher! Increasing transport costs are shocking people daily – they will eventually walk to and from work trying to save only to be unable to use their saved money effectively if this price hike trend continues without a sincere solution provided.

Down from the Trade Unions, through the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Trade and Industry, other bodies involved to the Vice President’s office – in charge of Economic Cluster, these bodies should tell the people what they are going to do to solve this worsening economic crisis.

A very slow recovery from war and conflicts, floods, the pandemic is costing the people their lives since food, fuel – commodities which are very important for life and effective productivity respectively are becoming almost unaffordable and sadly already non affordable for some. In parts of town, families have been reported to be starving due to their financial inability to buy food. It is sad that sharing is no longer a character that people of South Sudan have since neighbours can watch others starve. The futures of children are being suffocated because the people responsible to regulate and bring fuel and food prices down are not bothered.

Harmonizing all the sectors involved in settling the worsening inflation in the country should pull their socks up before what Vice President Nyandeng once warned people to stock food and brace for the time of hunger comes to pass.

We can bench mark our neighbouring country Kenya, whose president gave directives and removed taxes from some food items following public outcry. This measure was to reduce the price hikes and ease the citizens’ suffering amidst persistent price hike.

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