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By Loro Louis Yugu (GUEST)

I can’t imagine how the world has become wild to the current human generations. Life has become tough for men and women in the Republic of South Sudan characterized by quarrels in the houses due to shortage of food and basic needs. This is the situation in the country of five Vice Presidents. The civil servants are now working only to pay for public transporters as bus fare rises daily to the ozone layer.

It is indeed hectic that the public transport has become wild and biting the already hungry poor citizens.

I was just in my own world enjoying the comfort of the public bus while listening to one of the music genres of a popular American singer known as R. Kelly adoring his “What is wrong with the World mama” chorus when the Konyo-Munuki bus conductor or “komshari” warned that this time is 400 SSP, is that clear to everybody, because I don’t want complaints? I just said “To God be the glory”. There is no choice because I have to go to work.

As soon as I arrived in my office, I decided to watch a movie to refresh my mind from thinking about the remaining flour and charcoal in the house that was giving me headache and piercing my mind. Unfortunately I clicked onto an awful movie titled the “Daughters of Karishika,” a Nigerian movie from the Nollywood film industry. The film depicts Karishika, one of the actors, a satanic princess whose work is to use evil spirits/power to deceive and dismantle human souls. Karishika uses beautiful girls as traitors to kill people. I was in the wonderland as the movie went on.

Fascinatingly, the movie is full of war between the good and evil but the power of God ruled through one actor Pastor Francis who followed a group of students in the name of research in the forest. Pastor Francis throughout his life had often done the right. He categorically rebuked the evil that sometimes appeared to him in form of money or luxury.

Suddenly, my thinking started rotating on how the damning skyrocketing prices and food shortages can influence fellow countrymen to commit crimes.

So awful in the film is also the fact that three of the students were among the killer evil daughters of Karishika. Do we have killers or evil killers in South Sudan? That is your food for thought today.

Back to the film, I noted that Karishika’s daughters had deceived the students to go to the forest for research after going deep in the forest, then they turned into evil spirit killing some of them instantly but Pastor Francis through his strong faith and believe was able to safe a handful of human souls in the bush through prayer.

In this case, South Sudan needs faith and love to fight the soaring inflation in the country. Those in authority should be sincere when handling the inflation headache. The country needs someone like Pastor Francis in the movie who could give his energy, money, food and clothing to orphans and the poor. It needs all of us to be our brothers’ keepers and condemn all those whose hands are stained by human blood. It needs leaders who work for the people to have friendly living society. If we do that, then the country will arise and shine.

The author is a senior Editor with the No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper. He can be reached via email:

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