Torit County Communities survive without basic services

By Ijoo Boco

The Oronyo and Oudo communities in Bur Payam of Torit County of Eastern Equatoria State are demanding the government to provide wide range of services including food, water, education and the construction of their rundown roads.

This comes during the historical first visit of the Reconstituted State Transitional Assembly members of parliament who hail from Torit County accompanied by the commissioner to assess the general situation and the living conditions of the population following their recess.

Mary Hidita Adolfo, a woman in Oronyo Hitobok boma said the government should intervene in stabilizing the growing insecurity that poses fear among women along the roads as they search for survival.

“My coming to the town is not because of peace but God’s mercy; we are indeed suffering, no food and services for us coupled with bad insecurity on our road leading to our region. We need you the government to restore for us peace and stability in our area” said Hidita.

Peter Ohulis Otorok, a youth in Oudo complained of poor roads that hinder services to the suffering population.

The local youth urge the government to deploy some security agents to look into daily crimes for peaceful coexistence.

“We are calling upon the government agents to provide us security along our road leading to the village, people are worried and fearful when they want to come out and go to the village due to insecurity, something needs to be done, we are tired you hear always one or two are killed now how can we connect with our people in the town,” stressed Okulis.

The youth say all schools in Bur Payam are non-functional due to lack of teachers and the failure of community members to support education system in the area.

A female member of parliament at Eastern Equatoria state assembly who hails from the area Ihisa Margret urges the locals to embark on agriculture while sending all children to school as a means of ending illiteracy.

She also calls on Monyiemiji to work hard in ending insecurity surrounding their villages to allow freedom of movement and access to services.

“I am calling upon the youth to restore peace and security along our roads leading to the village to allow the citizens cultivate without fear, this is a time for cultivation so we need to till the land to provide food for our people” added Ihisa.

Torit county commissioner Jacob Attari Albano demands the community to send their children forcefully school and fine the parents violating the order to increase enrolment.

The official assures the community that all the complaints will be presented by the attending law makers for deliberation before solutions are made.

“We are calling all the communities to send our children to school by force, this will help improve our future as citizens of this area, you the volunteers and teachers please help give your sacrifice to provide services to our community” said Atari.

The official made the statement on a one day rally held in Oronyo village to help create mutual understanding and security in the area.

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