Councilors in Kitgum trained on how to present issues

By Martha John Savio -Kitgum, Uganda

Councilors in Namokora Sub County yesterday underwent a three day induction orientation in Namokora Town Council Hall to train them on how to present while conducting at the council.

In a telephone interview with Namokora town council chairperson Mr. Nyoch Check Kenneth explained that for the past financial year of the month of June, the newly created administration areas were not given supplementary budget to train their councilors which was a challenge to the new councilors.

Mr. Kenneth stressed out that the induction orientation cost was less than three million to facilitate during the course of the training since they had to lobby for it from the Kitgum district which was not appropriate in operation sectors.

Mr. Nyoch Check consequently explained that the induction orientation mainly covered wide section of the council such as appropriate dressing code, sitting arrangements in the room, know the executives of the council and their responsibilities, how to bring up issues and quoting the articles with constitution, how to follow the order papers and come up with appropriate questions , how to draft and come up with appropriate budget plan, councilors should know businesses committee, Ad-hoc committee and how to conduct conclusively the qualities of a good leader.

Meanwhile, Auma Lillian the deputy speaker of Namokora town council on the telephone thanked the Namokora chairperson for putting such an effort to bring unity and bridge the gap between district councilors and the sub county councilors to effectively lead their constituents.

The facilitators were chosen based on their nature and job experience and they were Mr. Simon peter Lowum who was the former Kitgum district speaker and Mr. Okot Fred town treasurer.

The councilors were from four wards of Namokora town council and these wards are Central, Wigweng, Lotoboi and Ladowigi.

A council constitutes of 15 members with different segments which is often referred to as full council.

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