Mayor finalizes deal to keep Juba clean

Michael Lado Alla-Jabu, Juba City Mayor/File photo

By Bida Elly David

The authorities of the Juba City and Go-Green Company this week held a conclusive meeting on the deliberation of some of the withstanding areas in the agreement that they formerly signed in regards to solid waste management project in the city.

The meeting deliberated on the modalities and the rate of garbage collection to be imposed on every beneficiary to the service as well as mechanisms through which citizens would use on the waste disposal.

Two\months ago, the Juba City Council authorities and the East Africa Go-Green Company launched an initiative of keeping Juba clean and green through garbage collection project meant to simplify and aid the citizens from dumping randomly without a specific scope of collection.

Earlier, citizens were traced of dumping most garbage along the highways and at night creating unhealthy odour that resulted into contamination of the ecosystem affecting the health of the domiciles in most vicinities.

The duo have agreed that the technical team in charge of fixing the rates per every entity would soon finalize with the documentation and public declaration shall be made to inform the citizens on how much they would pay each for the cost of the garbage collection.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Taban Charles, the acting Executive Officer for the City Council made serious assurance for the full operation of Go-Green Company in the exercise of garbage collection and urged the citizens to fully cooperate with them as they will be carrying the exercise.

“In the next few days, the East Africa Go-Green company shall undertake serious operation. They will resume their work seriously by starting the initiative of the garbage collection from every household, companies, organizations as well as government entities. I am urging all the citizens to fully cooperate with them” he said. “As we have deliberated in our final meeting, the City Council and Go-green Company are going to comprise the citizens with friendly charges that will not hinder their disposable income”.

Taban further said their discussions concentrated on the tools of operation such as the type of collection tools and their management as well as the waste collection modalities.

“The company managed to procure enough tools needed for the operation to be executed. We have already finished with the modalities and the operational tools which consist of the garbage collection mechanisms to enhance easy cleaning of the city” he stated.

Besides, Taban reiterated that the procured tools shall be distributed for the citizens at an affordable price to ease collection of the garbage by the company.

“The city council and the company have agreed that the tools procured shall be distributed to family households to be used as garbage package tools at a reasonable cost to make it easier for the company to collect the wastes” he added.

Meanwhile, Goaner Timothy Tutlam the Managing Director for Go-Green Company said the garbage collection was a multi-stakeholders’ project that required cooperation from different aspects which brings in government, private operations and the community.

He also apologized on behalf of the company amid poor move of the workforce ever since it was launched up to date and promised to speedily execute the operation with immediate effect.

However, Timothy pointed out pause of their operation due to lack of dumping site that the city council and Juba County are yet to designate.

“On behalf of Go-green Company, I would like to apologize because since we launched the initiative, work has not gone smoothly due to some reasons that prevented the move. It was not because of capacity issues but was about the dumping site which the city council and Juba County are working to resolve in the next few days” he noted.

He urged the citizens to be patient as the two authorities are working towards identifying a site for dumping the garbage and promised to start their operation as soon as possible.

Goaner Timothy, Go-green Co. Managing Director -File photo

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