Primary school teacher murdered in Aweil

By Ngor Deng Matem

A twenty five year old man, a school teacher in Wanyjok, of Aweil town was reportedly murdered by unidentified men. The incident happened on Tuesday evening between Warawar and Baac areas in Aweil.

According to police preliminary report, the deceased was hit on the neck by his killers until he was unconscious and eventually died.

“After he was hit and fell down, they sprayed him with petrol and burnt him,” the police report disclosed.

The Late was identified as Deng Deng Akuei and he was a teacher at Zion International primary school in Macharmou of Wanyjok area.

Following the incident, no suspect has been apprehended so far but the police said they are conducting investigation.

“We call for the public and the family of the great teacher to remain calm and assist the police with every information that would lead to the arrest of the culprits” the police stated.

“We know there is nothing we can say to give comfort but through your help we shall reveal the identity of the assailants and justice shall be served. We are doing everything in our power to apprehend whoever is behind this organized crime” police statement added.

“He was hit on the neck and felt unconscious and was sprayed with petrol and burned. Police has opened a wider investigation to establish the facts behind this atrocious and mysterious killing” police added.

Citizens in Aweil called on the government especially the security sector to bring the suspects to book.

“It is an unfortunate death and if the suspects are not arrested, then this will create fear along the areas in Aweil East,” one of the concerned citizens Dut Deng Akot in Warawar said.

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