Britain blacklists all travels to S. Sudan over violence

By William Madouk Garang

Recurring inter-communal violence in some areas and sporadic reports of fighting among armed group compelled the British Government to warn its citizens to temporarily avoid traveling to South Sudan.

According to the Queen government, there are serious criminalities in Juba and other towns particularly during dark-hours which should raise the eye-brow of the British citizens in the country and those planning to come to South Sudan.

In a travel advisory published through the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), the UK government advised her citizens to exercise vigilance all the time should they travel to South Sudan.

“You should be vigilant of the local security situation, monitor the local media, and stay in a safe location. Advice to travellers remains that you should avoid all protests and large gatherings and follow[s] the instructions of local authorities and security services,” read part of travel advisory seen by No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper.

The travel advisory also called on international organizations in the country to employ a security manager to monitor situation and keep employee safe, asserting that violence rate is still high.

“A ceasefire is currently in place, and has largely held since September 2018. However, there are regular reports of inter-communal violence in some areas of the country, as well as sporadic reports of fighting between armed groups”.

“Serious criminality in Juba, and other urban areas, particularly during the hours of darkness, is also a regular concern” advisory stated

The UK government further stated that decline in the security situation remains possible, which is prompted by number of factors such as the continuous fragile economy and the ongoing peace process.

It added that those occasions of July 2016 and December 2013 conflicts were serious and had led to blockage of routes into and out of South Sudan.

“Juba airport may be closed or inaccessible, and flights may be suspended at short notice. Regional developments may also increase the unpredictability of infrastructure and transport, as it happened in April 2019 when events in Sudan led to the temporary closure of South Sudan’s airspace,” it warned.

“The main road connecting Juba to Uganda is extremely dangerous, with regular reports of accidents and attacks on vehicles by armed groups,” the statement added.

In March this year, the United Kingdom had also advised its citizens against travelling to South Sudan, citing Covid-19 and security concerns in parts of the country.

There is recurring inter-communal violence registered in most parts of the States, cattle raiding, and government forces clashes with holdout groups and highway men along major highways roads.

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