Two die of hunger in Unity State

By Yien Gatuor Mead

Two people have reportedly died of starvation in Unity State between the 28th and 29th July 2022.

A witness to the starvation deaths, Nyaduop Dak told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the shortage of food has affected the residents within the PoC site in Bentiu.

“We are suffering here in the PoC as many people go outside in search of food but hardly get. 

Those who died reside in PoC and Dinging areas.

The IDPs never received any food assistance since May 2022.

“Women are the most victims of this hunger because they are the people who always go to collect firewood from the forest, now at this moment nobody is going to collect firewood from forest because the forest is under control of water starting from outside of Bentiu PoC,” Nyaduop stated.

“We should be depending on what we do but because of the flood that prevented us from producing our own food, we are unable to make it and this puts us to starvation,” she said.

“The price of food item per malwa is 3,500 SSP in the local market and we are unable to afford as there is no money” Nyaduop added.

Other IDPs called on the UN and government to steer up the support to rescue the lives of the IDPs.

The chairperson of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission representing the PoC or camp Mr.  Simon Kot Kuok admitted the starvation and called for the government and Humanitarian intervention.

“We are very aware anytime someone can pass away because of issues of food, now the population is depending on water lilies which  is very unfortunate for the people of unity state, it’s the first time to have that situation here” Simon said.

“You can bear with this situation as there is hope for the government to address the concerns soon” Simon said.

“We are engaging the UN WFP to supply us with food and once it is approved, we will make sure you are served” Simon assured.

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