Armed assailants kill seven in Torit

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

An attack by armed men in Ayaka Village of Torit County in Eastern Equatoria State over the weekend reportedly left seven dead, injuring two and three others missing.

The state authorities confirmed the attack saying it happened on Saturday and that security response force had been dispatched to the village, and the authorities are said to be investigating the incident of the killings.

The Eastern Equatoria State Minister of Information, Patrick Oting Cyprian told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, that two other people were injured, and three others are still missing after the incident.

“The incident occurred while the information that we have so far, is that about seven people died and we are finding out what happen and who are behind the attack, although we have some information but we are still looking for proper information” said Oting.

“We have the government and they have eyes everywhere and we also have the Commissioner that is also cooperating seriously with his counterparts,” he added.

However, the insecurities continue to create fear among the citizens within the country, for instance in Central Equatoria State, Dollo Payam of Juba County, insecurities are reported to be a threat to the residents currently.

Meanwhile, in Unity State one of the Counties was stormed by suspected armed civilian killing a number of people including the Commissioner of Mayom County, and later causing tension that resulted to insecurity in the area and its surroundings.

Warrap State and Pibor Administrative Area is not an exception from conflicts causing insecurities to the civilians residing in those areas. And this brings it to Abyei Administrative Area where the authorities complained and accused UNISFA OF negligence and failing to stop Misseriya attacks on the Ngok Dinka communities.

Given this recurring inter-communal violence in the areas and fighting among armed groups, the British Government was compelled into warning its citizens to avoid travelling to South Sudan.

These insecurities are allegedly carried out either by armed men, armed civilians or cattle raiders.

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