Citizens caution government over alarming hunger

Desperate children in a communal eating of petty food-file photo

By Bida Elly David

Some citizens in Juba have cautioned the government over continuous starvation that has contributed to health complication as many children and mothers faced by malnutrition demanded for quicker response before the situation intensifies.

Recently, media report indicated that two citizens in Unity State (IDP) had reportedly died of starvation after battling food shortage for a number of days and the situation left many sick on bed as a result of lack of food to eat.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, Mary Kiden, a concerned mother and a market seller reiterated anxieties over the jeopardizing economic situation that has almost hospitalized many children and mothers due to food shortage at their homes.

“It is for the first time citizens in the country have been affected and hospitalized due to hunger. I am so ashamed to see that the leaders are witnessing such tragedy and they are mute seeing mothers, children and old people starving without even making a step to rescue the situation” Mary said.

The frustrated mother slammed the leaders and their families enjoying luxurious meals on their tables of different kinds while watching patriots battling economic dilemma and hardship in their households.

“Indeed the country is ruled by people who are not concerned with the lives of civilians that they were supposed to carter for. We are dying and starving while they are enjoying banquets of all kinds in their homes. Most families are broken apart as they fail to earn living according to their expectation” he echoed.

Mary cautioned the government saying the citizens would soon decide a strange act since they would not tolerate the biting situation anymore.

Emmanuel Butrus, a resident in one of Juba’s neighborhoods said many families have resorted into one meal a day since continuous rise in prices of goods have challenged their purchasing powers and opportunity cost.

“I have an extended family that I am running. Formerly, I was able to pour at least 5 drums of water at 2000 South Sudanese pounds but with the current economic recession, members of my family fetch water from the stream for taking shower since a drum of water has increased to 1,200 South Sudanese Pounds’’ Butrus noted.

He urged the policy makers to quickly find a mechanism through which the market should be restored and compromised.

“Our leaders should put in mind that the citizens are in a desperate situation where they can’t sustain living any more. I call on the leadership to quickly try other means to put things right. We don’t care if they are living a luxurious life or not but we care more about the greatest population of the country who will one day declare their suffering with an act of tears and anger. Let the leadership hurry up to restore the broken market” he said.

In continuation, they have requested for adjustment of the market position through price stability rather than focusing much on retaining their government seats which favours their own families.

However, efforts to reach the national Ministry of Trade as well as chambers of commerce failed amid series of trials.

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