Gov’t should frustrating the unified forces

The government should guarantee graduation of the unified forces so that the country does not hear more such news of fleeing, deserting training camps/cantonment sites by the already trained soldiers who are only waiting to be graduated so that they officially start their duty. Unfortunately, these encouraging forces are being discouraged by the continuous delay by the transitional government to carry on with graduation; hiding behind many excuses like insufficient funds. What does it mean when an important issue that needs to be sorted out soon is continuously postponed?

A frustrated spirit may eventually throw in the towel if their need is not met by those who are responsible. For instance, a university student who has completed his/her certificate but is only waiting for graduation and certificate from the university to start applying the knowledge acquired from the university into the society but the graduation is pushed every month and the certificate of completion is also withheld because the university lacks funding and yet the students have been paying tuition fee. They can get frustrated and forego those certificates, or forge fake ones, or resort to studying another course and worse is completely deserting their purpose and do something else just to kick the frustration and infuriation out.

With this relation between the university student who has been denied their graduation and certificate and the soldiers in the unified forces who have been denied graduation and start of duty by postponing their graduation, frustrating them to desert their social purpose and military service respectively, the government should not be looking forward to being begged to fulfill their own duty!    

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