Expectant mothers urged to seek early antenatal services

By Ijoo Bosco

Some female health practitioners working at Magwi based Catholic Diocese of Torit health facility and Magwi PHCC are advising pregnant women to go for antenatal care services when the pregnancy is yet at its early stages.

Speaking during the outpatient department and antenatal care awareness on Thursday at DOT health facility female midwives, nurses and other female staff said pregnant mothers should prioritize their health.

Rose Aywak, a midwife told expectant mothers to seek for medical attention to check the condition of the fetus so that if they are unable to manage the condition then it will be referred for further management.

She advised women to give birth in the health facility for their safety and the child to be born.

“We are indeed offering ANC (Antenatal Care) activities and delivery for free without any charges hence giving endless calls for the services,” said Aywak.

She also disclosed that plans are underway for the building of a bigger maternity ward at DOT health facility in Magwi.

Apio Caroline Obambo, another nurse cited that some women do give birth on their way to the facility and tend to go back unattended to by midwives.

According to her if a woman delivers on her way to the health facility they have to go and seek for medical attention first before getting back home to understand the condition of the child.

Caroline said they are working 24/7 to make sure patients get attention on their health issues.

Meanwhile another female health worker Lamwoka Mary encouraged pregnant mothers to eat energy giving food to enable their children grow well.

She said fruits and green vegetables are very important in the human body to avoid cases of being anaemic.

Lamwoka mentioned that, it’s advisable for both pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to regularly eat energy giving foods.

Another midwife from Magwi PHCC Lily Ernesto explained that, women need to decide early to go to the hospital saying delays can cause loss of life.

Lily highlighted that there are mainly three delays that can cause death which includes; late decision making to go to the hospital, lack of transport and delays from health personnel to attend to the clients.

A nurse Achola Mary stated that, it is only through examination from the health personnel that one will understand the breathing condition of a fetus.

Positioning of a fetus can also be changed if one seeks for medical assistant early, Mary added.

The health practitioners made their remark during the outpatient department and antenatal care awareness on Thursday at DOT health facility supported by Caritas Luxemburg and caritas Torit.

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