Education expert advocates for school clubs to boost learning

George Kenyi, Head teacher of Juba Day Secondary School-Photo Bida Elly

By Bida Elly David

An education expert has urged the government as well as secondary and primary schools to prioritize extra curricula activities as one way to improve the performance of the learners towards achieving practical knowledge.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, George Kenyi, a senior education expert and the head teacher of Juba Day Secondary School said engaging learners into extra curricula activities such as debates, journalism among others would enable them learn new skills and develop more knowledge that would improve their communication skills publicly.

He added that introduction of clubs in schools that fall under extra curricula activities should be considered as fundamental areas of concern to mitigate the concept of low learning among learners from various institutions of learning.

“Always these clubs fall under extra curricula activities and students are supposed to be engaged in these activities. Through these extra curricula activities, students will develop natural talents that they have for example the English society which consists of Journalism, drama and then debating clubs,” he echoed.

He reiterated that debating and journalism clubs enhance students to develop courage and potential in giving out ideas through arguments and syllogisms boosting the learning ability to a secondary or affirmative stage.

“Debates always help students to be courageous in giving out ideas through arguments because we are in a community where we want people to get learned and have mental power through discussions that help them build ideas. These ideas also act as a remedy to boost mental fight through arguments that foster learning,” he said.

Kenyi further underscored the importance of environmental clubs in schools being ways to resolve issues concerning global warming among many others that can be witnessed from the total seasonal changes of the globe.

“Environmental clubs in schools is also one of the crucial areas of concern. Students must embrace such ideas since seasons change all over the world. Through this club, students will be able to manage their environments beginning from their homes to the schools respectively. We need conducive environment by improving sanitation on the earth planet we are in,” Kenyi stated.

He also added that introduction of girls’ clubs in schools would play a bigger role in regards to addressing issues facing ladies academically. “Recently, the primary leaving examination results have indicated that boys out-competed girls in performance. This is because; they were not oriented literally and academically. I urge girls to join the clubs in order to gain more knowledge on the importance of education,” he underscored.

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