Father eyes marrying off daughter over tuition headache

By Taban Henry

A man has proposed to give his daughter for marriage as he could not afford money to pay tuition fees.

This came after the Central Equatoria State Advisor for Gender Child and Social Welfare in the office of the governor paid a visit to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in order to acquaint herself with the problems facing the people in the area.

Speaking during the occasion, Maj, Gen. Mayen Malual Deng who is the commander deployed to oversee the security in Dollo payam said that he has proposed to give out his daughter for marriage as he could not afford money to pay his daughter to continue with her studies in the university.

He said that his daughter is in her third year pursuing medicine citing that medicine takes at least six years to complete and I don’t have money for her to continue with her further studies.  

“Women are saying they are suffering in their houses and during labour even the children who are going to die are the children of the women. As I talk to you now my daughter is in third year in order to graduate from her university and now I have no money in order to continue paying her tuition fees, now I wanted to give her away for marriage to those who have got cattle,” he said.

Malual added that his daughter is still small a born of 2000 that means by now she has 23 years, you should support girls because they will be the future of tomorrow.

“If there was something that could help me I had wanted my daughter to complete from the university because she is doing medicine in the university which requires six years that I could not afford paying her school fees. Now the three years she has done is enough to me because I will give her away for marriage if there is no support rendered to me,” Malual said.

He however hailed the President of the Republic of South Sudan for including women in the current Revitalized Government of National Unity so he is calling on the President to increase the number of women in the government.

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