Malakal Hospital now home to civilians and stray dogs

Strays dogs spotted chilling inside the deserted dusty Emergency Operation Theater at Malakal State hospital (Photo/Courtesy)

By Adia Jildo

Malakal Teaching Hospital has reportedly been occupied by civilians who fled their residential areas due to insecurity since the 2013 war and now their presence impedes operations of the State hospital.

When the 2013 conflict erupted, residential areas had been most affected and destroyed hence most sought refuge at the Internally Displaced People’s Camps, where as some opted to take refuge in some of the abandoned facilities.

As calm returns, formerly deserted facilities such as hospitals and ministerial buildings are still being occupied by civilians hence making it hard for the provision of social service.

Michael Arop, the spokesperson for Upper Nile State Transitional Legislative Assembly reported that most Malakal State Hospital wards including the mortuary have been occupied by civilians, thus no room for keeping corpses and admission of patients.

“The situation in the hospital is not good whether in terms of medication or its status. “People are occupying most wards including the mortuary,” he said. “Most wards have been occupied by civilians and even the ministry of health head office is being occupied”.

He added that some buildings such as the emergency operation ward have been occupied by stray dogs.

Michael further stated that doctors are not available in the hospital citing that most of the doctors who deserted the State are now working with the national government in Juba.

“All these doctors are not working because most of them are working in Juba,” said Michael.

He underlined that the hospital condition has made most patients not to go to be attended to due to absence of doctors and civilians occupying the hospital.

The Deputy Minister of Health in Upper Nile State Madelina Edward Nyawela said the state of the hospital is worrying as no space is being left for medical duties due to the occupation of the hospital by civilians seeking security and a home to leave in.

“There are no medications here, no mortuary because people occupied it and even the situation is worst,” she disclosed.

Madelina said the civilians have also occupied the State ministry of health blocks.

She called on the National minister of Health to visit the Malakal Teaching hospital and other hospitals in the states and to address the challenges facing the hospital.

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