Man commits suicide after killing his wife

By Ijoo Bosco

Authorities in Imurok payam of Torit County in Eastern Equatoria State has on Monday said a 35years old man identified as John Buga committed suicide after killing his twenty-five-year-old wife called Achan Ifuho on Saturday last week.

The local authorities said, the incident happened at around 8pm in the evening in the village called Owudo when both Ifuho and John were going home in the evening but unfortunately, they quarreled couple with the influence of Alcohol that led to the beating to death of his woman and hanging himself to death overnight.

The area chief Mr. Ohide Anthony described the cause of the rampant killing in the area to Alcoholic influence that most of the youth and the elderly people have taken as business for themselves within the locality and absent of police forces in the area that will help in regulating law and order.

Speaking in telephone interview yesterday, the head chief of the area Anthony Ohide called on the youth in the area to desist from such act and avoid too much alcoholic consumption.

“Surely, I was in Torit yesterday, we came with some police to this village and in deed after investigation we found out that, alcohol was one of the driving forces that have caused the deceased to kill his wife and killing himself”.

“This thing has become a routine every year, it used to happen, I have talked about it and nobody listens,” he stressed.

Anthony however calls on the government to deploy police in the area for which he believes will change the mindset of the locals from commuting crimes and avoid rampant killing due to the influence of the Alcohol.

Meanwhile the Eastern Equatoria state acting chairperson for women association in Torit Davidika Ikai condemned the incident and said it’s the bad act perpetrated by the man and said it’s a human right violation in the country.

“I am calling upon the elders in our villages to come up with strict rules and laws in order to govern our community, this issue of alcohol is becoming very serious, you can hear there and here,” said Davidika.

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