Ministry warns secondary schools of punitive measures

Martin Tako Moyi, Deputy Minister of General Education and Instructions (Photo by Matia Samuel Timatio

By Matia Samuel Timatio 

The Ministry of General Education and Instructions has cautioned both private and public secondary schools to stop enrolling students without passing their Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) examinations which is against the country’s laws or face punitive measures.

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of General Education and Instructions, Martin Tako Moyi cautioned secondary schools over indulging into the malpractices,

Speaking during a press conference in Juba yesterday, Deputy Minister Moi stated that the Ministry of General Education has learned with immense dismay that some secondary schools admitted some students to senior one prior to the release of the results of Certificate of Primary Education (CPE).

“It is important to note that transition from class to class or from primary to secondary school in South Sudan’s education system is strictly based on academic performance of the learners. Therefore, promoting pupils from primary to secondary schools without passing CPE exams is proscribed by the law, we urge schools to desist from such practices,” Martin warned.

He noted that the Ministry will be conducting unannounced school inspections for the purposes to inspect them for the malpractices of admitting students without CPE certificates saying some of those schools are operating illegally without the permission of both the National and State Ministry of General Education and Instructions.

“Malpractices are practically in private schools not in the public schools and not all private schools but the private schools in Juba Town. You are aware we declared the result of Primary Eight examination just three weeks back, what is expected from both private and public schools is to collect the result of the examination and begin to register the 1st year classes based on the results,” the deputy minister lamented.

He said it is a great violation of the education act by registering students on their own without results.

Tako added that the private schools took the advantage that teachers in the public schools are not properly facilitated so all the qualified teachers have gone to the private schools and their results are always better than public schools.

“The leadership of this Country is much concerned, we want to address this situation as soon as possible to improve the working conditions of teachers so that they can come back to teaching profession especially in the private schools” Tako stressed.

“Punitive measures will be taken against secondary schools that are found to have enrolled learners to first year secondary school without CPE Certificates and such schools could be de-registered or suspended. The Head teachers or teachers of State schools that have contravened the law could face disciplinary measures as well,” Tako cautioned. 

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