UK urges R-TGoNU to expedite peace implementation

A picture of the United Kingdom (UK) Ambassador Mr. Jonny Baxter (left) and the UK Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan Mr. Robert Fairweather (right)

By Ephraim Modi D.S

 The United Kingdom government (UK) has urged the leaders to the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RTGoNU) to gear up the implementation of the peace agreement signed in September 2018.

Speaking in a press conference in Juba on Tuesday, the UK Ambassador to South Sudan Mr. Jonny Baxter said the UK government has been monitoring the peace process with its chapters that are not yet implemented.

“The UK has been concerned that the peace agreement has not been implemented first enough and this slow progress risks the chance of achieving the durable peace that South Sudanese deserves,” Mr. Baxter noted.

He further figured that it is important for both parties to discuss with key stakeholders on latest developments that have been seen.

“We had meetings with South Sudan’s First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar and discussed mostly on peace process and also the terrible humanitarian situation in South Sudan, and the ongoing violence,” he pressed on.

As stability remains key in a country, he said what needs to be done in the peace agreement is the full implementation which is the only phase to peace, prosperity, accountability, transparency and stability in the country.

The UK Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan Mr. Robert Fairweather echoed that the implantation of the chapters of the peace agreement remains at a will of the government.

“Implementation is the choice of the government that turns to a necessity for more time to fulfill the peace agreement which includes decisions that the momentum of the speed has not been seen,” Mr. Fairweather deliberated.

He added that, “We know that the people of South Sudan are frustrated because of the slow implementation and the lack of political will.”

He as well demanded to see a roadmap that covers detail information of what actions will be taken including the unification and graduation of the forces that requires a quick action that the people love to see a government that is stable to hold elections.

Mr. Fairweather also reiterated that the agreement is a large one that they will continue to support to ensure that it’s fully pondered.

The implementation of the 2018 peace agreement lags significantly behind its mandated schedule including one of the reasons for the slow progress, establishment of a united military command structure which was to be done within the first eight months of signing the pact as per the peace agreement.

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