Kapoeta North County pledges to sponsor best P.8 performers

By Ijoo Bosco

Authorities in Kapoeta North County of Eastern Equatoria State have promised to support the best top 3 Primary Eight candidates who excelled highly in the recently released Certificate of Primary Education examinations results.

Kapoeta North County emerged the 1st in the recently released South Sudan Certificate of Primary Education out of eight counties in Eastern Equatoria State.

The best top three pupils are,Scholastica Natiem with 446, Rebecca Namunyen with 431 and Flora Joseph with 426 marks from St. Magdalene Primary School.

The County Commissioner, Emmanuel Lolimo Epone said his office will give full support to the P.8 performers as they enroll for their secondary education from S1 to S4, after announcing the 2021/2022 PLE results in Riwoto town of Kapoeta North County.

He said the support the County authority is going to unveil the students will motivate other children to perform well in their academic journey.

“I am very much grateful for the performance of our candidates and also very much happy for school administration and the church for offering quality education and also spiritual foundation of our children,” he said.

“This is a concerted effort which has rendered fruit in the name of Kapoeta North County as we have seen their performance as County, we will see what we can at least the top three we will be able to support to pursue their academic journey in secondary,” he promised.

Lolimo appreciated the school administration through support from the Catholic Church for their tireless efforts to see that the pupils get better education.

“This is an awakening call to our parents especially our community to send their children to school especially girls because through education they will be able to address a lot of challenges and we like not only the parents even the government to support this by ensuring that we have a conducive environment for our children especially learning space,” the Commissioner noted.

Meanwhile Sister Mary Inkatha, the Head Teacher at St. Magdalene Primary School expressed happiness for the performances of the pupils.

She encouraged the teachers to continue teaching and providing the pupils with quality education.

“The first person is Scholastica Natiem who got 446 the second one is Rebecca Namunyen who got 431 and the third one is Flora Joseph who got 426 marks they are all girls, I was so happy to hear that they are the best in Eastern Equatoria State we rejoice and we thank the children, we are really very happy in school and teachers were happy and we thank God for that because it is not our making I pray that the teachers who are teaching should be committed in teaching, parents and other people should support children within the school,” she lamented.

The header teacher however underlined that they have come to realize that these school children have a lot of difficulties and it is hard to realize their talents at times.

She advised parents to take the lead in supporting girl’s education for their better future.

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