SPLM/A-IO slams SPLM majority Parliament over budget tabling

By Adia Jildo

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-in Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) has slammed its main opposition rival and peace partner, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Government (SPLM-IG) over the tabling of the 2022/23 fiscal year budget terming it a continuous violation of the agreement as the SPLM/A-IO continues with their boycott of Parliamentary sittings.

 The main opposition party said there is likely incident of extension of the transitional period if the Presidency failed to address differences in Parliament, citing the stalemate in the Parliament being used by SPLM-IG to fulfil its interest outside the Revitalized Agreement.

SPLM/A-IO legislators have continued their vow to boycott sittings in the parliament citing alteration in the Political Parties Act, Amendment Bill 2022. Saying until the standoff is resolved by the principal then would they return to the house business.

Oyet Nathaniel, the first deputy Speaker of the R-TNLA appointed on the ticket of the SPLM/A-IO said the act of the SPLM-IG to present the budget without the presence of the significant key stakeholders to the agreement is a sign of lack of political will to the agreement.

“The extension will be successful if parties are not willing to work together and resolve differences, reach consensus on issues pertaining the revitalized peace agreement,” he said.

“It casts even doubts on the road map. This is the lack of political will that we are talking about, the spirit of not working together in the peace agreement.” Oyet added.

He alleged that SPLM-IG is violating the peace agreement to fulfil its interest by implementing its agenda.

“The SPLM is taking advantage of that standoff to implement their agenda. They are carrying out their agenda to fulfil their interest in the Parliament outside the peace agreement” he said

 The first deputy Speaker who also doubles as the Deputy Chairman of the SPLM/A-IO party said failure to address the stalemate in the parliament will lead to the disagreement hence possibility of extensions of the transitional period.

“What they (SPLM-IG) are doing outside the agreement without the presence of the SPL/MA-IO, breaks down completely the spirit of the revitilsed agreement and it cast doubt on the prospect on the successful extension of the transitional period,” he underscored.

Oyet assured of their continuous boycott of parliamentary sitting by SPLM/A-IO if consensus is not reached to address the issues between the parties.

“We expected the Presidency to resolve this matter as soon as possible. The SPLM wants to obstruct reforms provided for by the peace agreement, they will do it alone without SPLA-IO. We shall not be part of the violation of the peace agreement in the parliament,” he cited.

He however called on the parties to reconsider the agreements and honour it to ensure its successful implementation.

“We call upon the SPLM-IG to revert back to the spirit of the agreement and to honour their commitment to the Revitalized Peace Agreement by ensuring that reforms are not obstructed,” Oyet noted.

The first Deputy Speaker of Parliament Oyet Nathaniel was earlier quoted by local media, as urging the Minister of Finance to delay presentation of the 2022-2023 National budgets unless the stalemate is resolved.

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