Activist demands crude oil for peace implementation

Edmund Yakani, CEPO Executive Director speaking at the unveiling of the peace roadmap extending the transitional period for 24 months yesterday (Thursday 4th August 2022)at Freedom Hall in Juba (Photo: Taban Henry)

By Taban Henry

A Civil Society activist is calling on the presidency to allocate crude oil cargo for the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement as the government equally did recently allocate one crude oil cargo for the payment of civil salaries and arrears

This came on Thursday during the announcement of the extension of another 24 month transitional period that will kicks start at the end of the current transitional period in February 2022.

Mr. Edmund Yakani the Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) made his appeal to the leadership while speaking during the unveiling of the peace roadmap extending the transitional period, yesterday in Juba.

He called on the government to allocate crude oil for the implementation of the peace agreement citing that there is a new trend the government has come up with, allocating crude oil for road construction, and crude oil for the payment of the salary arrears.

He added that they equally to need designate crude oil cargo for the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement which will demonstrate political discipline.

“Previously we have statements that this peace agreement its pose now with this roadmap it is our own making without any body termed as a foreigner can we demonstrate political will that we are going to implement the peace agreement and the implementation means stopping our citizens from killing themselves from killing one another across the Country and improvement of our economy we are a rich country we can’t value one dollar to 60 thousand,” Yakani said.

He applauded to the leadership for showing to the public a very good exercise that they termed it as a renewal of the political pledge to the citizens of this Country in this current situation that they are facing in the pathway to peace and stability.

The activist hoped that the leaders have decided the pathway for peace and security for the citizens of this country, adding there will be no decision of turning it back to what they have seen in the last three years.

“When we heard about the roadmap I in person toured the ten States and I have picked the message from one of the elder from Unity State who insisted that if you find a space to speak before the leaders never forget to pass to them this message is peace a product of political discipline, we have seen in all the political establishment in this Country within their parties and their political functions we have seen political indiscipline and that has brought us here,” Yakani cited.

He added that the political discipline that they wish today to see is interpreted by the building of trust and confidence.

 “We have seen deficit in building trust and confidence as our leaders, out there we can see messages. The political discipline will be demonstrated if you are able to allocate resources from our own revenue to deliver this roadmap” Yakani reminded the leaders

“We are producing oil that we can feed ourselves without asking anybody to pull their hands in their pockets and we would like to take this opportunity to put the following opportunities. As civil society when we heard about the roadmap the consultation that was given to us was two hours we are the generation of check and balances asking for transparency, accountability and commitment and the big question will be what miracle are going to do that we have not seen in the last two years,” the activist underscored.

Yakani stressed that the primary responsibility of the leaders was to ensure that citizens enjoy the vote that they voted in the referendum after the struggle from 1983 which was to remain as the citizen of their own country.

He lamented that to value that vote means the country’s economy have to improve and citizens have access to their farms without any fear, and women should not be rape, youth not fighting among themselves due to unemployment.

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