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The roadmap should lead to peace

By Kiden Stela Mandela

South Sudanese Citizens have been in deem light as they waited to hear good results about the Transitional period but only to hear the extension for 24 months which is two years.

Yesterday the political parties to the peace agreement have shown clearly that they are not ready to implement the peace agreement by extending the transitional period which is very difficult to understand now. The question is, will the roadmap lead to peace? In case if they misuse this 24 months, will there be another revitalized roadmap? Again what miracle are they going to impose in order to end the transitional period?

The first election after independence was supposed to take place in 2015 but it was disrupted by the 2013 civil war fueled by the ethnic divisions that engulfed the country, violence over political power, greed, which caused thousands of south Sudanese to flee to the neighboring countries.

A lot of evil acts happened such as soldiers from both sides of the conflicts used sexual violence and torture especially women are the most suffering in all situations. Citizens have lost the trust for their leaders more especially in this situation where insecurity is the order of the day, looming hunger as far now five children have died of hunger across the country, the economic crisis which making the country very dark.

The Political parties are very happy seeing its own citizens going through this hardship in the country, even in diaspora because there is no choice and politicians are not affected by the situation, all these are happening because no one is willing to leave her or his position to end the transitional period, that’s why the country up to date is still entertaining corruption and traumatizing citizens. This decision of extending the roadmap is a clear indication of continues suffering in the country in all aspects of life.

It is good that they have extended for 24 months to prepare them to accomplish the remaining tasks such as the graduation of the unified forces, the passing of the constitutional bill and the security bills. If it will bring change to the country then it will be a good move.

I apple to the parties to now open their eyes to solve the economic issues, insecurity and bring total peace to the country.

God Bless South Sudan

Be right there!!

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