Over USD 220 million announced to fight hunger

By Adia Jildo

The United States Government through its USAID agency has contributed over 220 million US Dollars to the World Food Programs for food and nutritional assistance in South Sudan as the Country battles its worst hunger and starvation.

In a press statement, the Acting Mission Director for USAID Mark Anthony White, said South Sudan is facing its worst hunger ever since its rebirth in 2011.

“South Sudan is facing the highest level of hunger of life threatening hunger since the Country began 11 years ago. As many as 8 million, between 7.18 million people in South Sudan that 2/3 people require emergency food assistance through September according to Famine early warning System Network, (FEWSN),” Mark said.

He highlighted that the dire needs is threatening many countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia which has made it difficult to reach some places due to high cost.

“South Sudan in the region is not the only Country facing this kind of hunger, countries like Ethiopia, Somali, Kenya. Rise in the commodity and fuel means that we are able to reach fewer people with humanitarian assistance because of the higher cost.”

In a press release, the Country is said to be facing its severe hunger and malnutrition due to effects of climate change, conflict and high cost of living.

2. 4 million people are expected to gain from food and nutritional assistance as well as cash transfer from the $106 million, from its Ukraine Supplemental Fund provided by the US government through the USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance and the US Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust, $117 million to deliver immediately.

“A second contribution from the U.S. Government’s Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust, overseen by USAID, that is due to arrive by the end of 2022 will provide WFP with in-kind food assistance valued at $117 million, enough to feed 1.1 million people. The shipment consists of sorghum, vegetable oil, and nutritious food for infants under five years of age and pregnant or nursing mothers,” it added.

The Acting Country Director for WFP Adeyinka Badejo said there has been increase in hunger as the South Sudan faces its worst due to effects of floods and conflicts.

“We have recently seen a dramatic increase in hunger across the Country. With these new resources, WFP will be able to avert a worsening situation for the population,” he said citing US support to the people of South Sudan pre and post-independence,” he noted.

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