Troika countries protest extension of transitional period

By Adia Jildo

The leadership of the Troika representatives in Juba which compromises of the United States, the United Kingdom and Norway yesterday boycotted the extension of the transitional period citing failure of the leadership of South Sudan to involve all parties and stakeholders to participate in the decision making.

In a statement addressed to the President of the Republic of South Sudan Salva Kiir Maryardit on the 3rd August 2022, the three nations stated that they would not be able to attend Thursday presentation of the peace roadmap citing failure to include all parties in the consultation of the roadmap and the extension of the transitional period.

“We understand that all relevant parties to the R-ARCSS have not been included in the consultations about the contents of the roadmap and an extension to its provisions. The R-ARCSS requires all signatories to be consulted should there be an amendment to its provisions,” the Troika statement addressed to President Kiir on Wednesday partly read.

The Charge d’Affaires of US Embassy in Juba, William Flen stated that for the amendment of the R-ARCSS to take place, there is need for full inclusion of all parties signatories to the peace agreement to be included not with exceptions of civil society, faith- based groups, business, women’s groups, youth representatives, eminent persons and international partners.

 “We cannot guarantee that we will be able to support a roadmap or an extension in other circumstances. The roadmap must demonstrate how another extension would differ from the previous ones and include steps for clear progress in the setting up of the institutions and mechanisms necessary to hold elections”.

He said the inclusive consultation process will determine whether the roadmap and the extension are genuine will be determined by the people of South Sudan.

“While it is for all the parties to the agreement to determine the roadmap’s precise details, it is important that it sets out pathway towards achieving all the goals of R-ARCSS,” he noted.

William called on the signatories to the agreement to compromise and cooperate for the interest of everyone in South Sudan to be essential.

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