Israel to train South Sudan medical personnel

Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga and the Israeli Ambassador to South Sudan-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The government of Israel has showed efforts to offer free training to South Sudanese medical staff working under the umbrella of the National Ministry of Health in various sectors.

The progress transpired during a meeting between the Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga and the Israeli Ambassador to South Sudan which basically focused on improving the affirmative bilateral relationship between the Godly chosen people (Israelites) and South Sudanese.

The Israeli government’s representative in Juba and South Sudan official have been involved in series of bilateral meetings meant to strengthen their political and economic position being areas to boost development activities of nations.

The duo formerly had several talks that contributed much towards development of the religious and cultural sectors. Historically, Israel has aided and recognized the decision taken by South Sudan to call for its independence from Sudan through separation.

Speaking during the meeting Dr. Igga, the Vice President for Economic Cluster commended the Israeli Envoy to South Sudan for having taken the initiative to train the medical staff under the Ministry of Health and urged Israel to continue offering multiple developmental projects to boost speedy progress of the two nations.

“I thank the Israeli government for the will they had developed to train our medical personnel from the Ministry of Health such that the lives of our people in the country could be saved. Israel and South Sudan have been very close friends historically in many areas whether being politically or economically. We are ready to welcome and receive any of their support for the sake of our people,” Igga said.

Meanwhile, Gerson Kedar, the Israeli Ambassador to South Sudan said they have set a technical team to start implementing the development and the implementation of the medical training process.

He assured the government of South Sudan that Israel was ready to cooperate with the government and the people in the field of Energy, agriculture among others.

“We have set a technical team to oversee the implementation process of the medical training for the staff that will be skilled up through the National Ministry of Health. We as the government of Israel are ready to cooperate with South Sudan government in further projects like improvement of energy, agricultural projects and many others that will arise in a due course of time. We appreciate the government of South Sudan for the continuous efforts they invest in collaborating with the Israeli government in various sectors and our relationship shall bound us together for better,” Amb. Kedar said.

The two governments agreed to further their bilateral relationship in various aspects of activities to support the citizens who have been in dire need and desperation and promised to prioritize the health sector.

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