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By Loro Louis Yugu (GUEST)

The media has recently been flooded with talks about this newly created peace mechanism called the roadmap to the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement. Whether it was concocted or it came through consensus remains a mystery.

In my school of thought, I have not yet come across the opposite of the word implementation. Those in the community of English speakers should help me or the roadmap can easily be the opposite of implementation.

This roadmap is a new and awesome Pandora box that some of the few intellectuals in the country including the political pundits have a question mark on.

Unfortunately, the hungry laden citizens will continue to see politicians in this war ridden country coming up with new and unending schemes regarding the peace agreement as they continue to face the wraths of the wild economy in the country. Otherwise the poor citizens in this country may become hopeless. I anticipate it is not a delaying tactic in all its essence.

We have been from the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan, to the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan, the Saint Egidio peace talks in Rome, the Kitgwang agreement in Khartoum and now to the roadmap.

Hopefully, we are not expecting another Revitalized of the re-revitalized and revitalized, revitalized agreement in this country.

What is hanging in the balance is the question; where is this roadmap taking the country to; is it to peace? Really? Is it not an instrument to lobby for the delay of democratic transitioning to power? There are many doubting Thomases in the country at the moment in regards to the roadmap.

Those in authority should come out and tell the public point blank what this roadmap is, otherwise a number of the populace are in a political dilemma since they don’t know the content of the roadmap.

The citizens continue to remain the sole witnesses of the road to peace and those behind the steering wheel.

Within the 24 months extended period, peace should reign in Nimule, Ikotos, Kapoeta North County and all the mountains of Eastern Equatoria, peace should reign in Rumbek and the entire Lakes state region, in Mayom County, Peace should reign in the Abyei Administrative area, the Pibor Administrative Area, Peace should also reign in Kajo-Keji and all the ten states in the Republic of South Sudan.

If that happened, then we will say long live the Republic of South Sudan and its leadership.

The Author is a Senior Editor with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper. He can be reached via Email:

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