Mayor declares sale of garbage collection containers

             Michael Lado Allah-Jabu, City Council Mayor-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The Mayor of Juba City has issued a local order for the distribution and sale of garbage collection containers by East Africa Go-green waste management company that was earlier contracted to undertake the responsibility of solid waste management in Juba and Kator block.

The order for the distribution and the sale of the containers was meant to enable effective and efficient timely collection and disposal of wastes within the city ecosystem.

Recently, the authority of the Juba City Council and East Africa Go-green company officially launched the initiative of garbage collection exercise in Juba City Council with some pending agreement that were withheld to be accomplished in a due time.

Some of the withheld agreements involved the criteria for the collection of garbage fees per every household, private sectors, Organizations and public institutions as well as the methodology to be used towards the collection including the dumping site for the garbage.

In his remarks to the media, Michael Lado Allah Jabu the City Mayor reiterated that the waste containers shall be delivered by the company to various areas and entities at affordable prices that every family could be able to buy.

“The order shall be cited as local order No. 10/2022 for the sale and distribution of solid waste containers (bins of different sizes including waste collection plastic bags) to all households in residential areas, companies, embassies, hotels, medical centers, private and public institutions, business entities of all types, restaurants among others operating within the jurisdiction of Juba and Kator block Council with immediate effect. The company is expected to deliver these items to the above categories at the shortest, possible convenient prices,” the order partly read.

The Mayor reiterated that every identified entity is expected to acquire the above mentioned facilities to reinforce the exercise for the garbage collection by disposing them reasonably at a hygienic place where the company could go and collect with much simplicity at a right time.

He further warned that any company or household that shall lack the waste bins and utilize containers out of the company’s provision shall be fined an amount of violation.

“Lack of waste bins of any of the designated type such as companies, embassies, and commercial enterprises shall be fined an amount of 50,000 SSP of violation meanwhile any household who shall not abide by the order shall undergo the fine of 10,000 SSP respectively. Closure of the facility shall lead to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month. Subject to application of other relevant laws in South Sudan but not limited to the Juba City Council By-laws 2013,” Allah-Jabu said.

He noted that the order shall come into force on the date of its signature and authentication and the departments of the Juba City Council, and the block Councils such as Juba, Kator and Munuki and their administrative units as well as the law enforcement agencies, East Africa Go-green company are to ensure the implementation of the order in letter and spirit.

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