OPP burdens Kiir to reshuffle their State MPs

Wilson Lodiong Sebit (L), and Minister Peter Mayen Majongdit (R) representatives of the OPP umbrella coalition of political parties having a signature to the R-ARCSS transitional period extension on Thursday 4th August 2022 (Photo: Tereza Jeremiah)

By Taban Henry

The representatives from the umbrella of the Other Political Parties (OPP) are calling on President Salva Kiir Mayardit to reconsider the appointment of OPP State members of parliament.

The opposition coalition umbrella group made the appeal to the President during the announcement of the extension of the current transitional period for another 24 months beginning on 22nd Feb 2022.

Addressing the public on Thursday Wilson Lodiong Sebit, a member of Parliament Representing the OPP appealed to Kiir to reconsider the appointment of their State lawmakers adding that OPP State Ministers were also being dismissed without their consent. 

“I wanted to assure you that the members of our State assemblies are not inclusive they were taken with another group which we are not happy about it, we are looking for the audiences so that we put this in order, this has to be facilitated by the security advisor,” Lodiong said.

He revealed that they have internal issues that they wanted to be put right.

“We have divided the OPP into two which is not a normal procedure, we are seeking the audience through your Advisor of the National Security Affairs so that we can put the OPP in order because we need to move together, there are certain things we are getting entering into our offices without our knowledge” he noted.

“We have reaffirmed our commitment to the R-ARCSS and reiterate our sole commitment to the people of South Sudan and the international community at large not to return this Country to war. We collectively work for peace and stability in the Country to free and fair democratic elections at the end of the extended period and let us build trust among ourselves to move this Country forward,” he added

Lodiong however said they accepted and agreed to the extension of this transitional period by 24 months beginning from the end of the current transitional period 22nd Feb 2023.

“We have agreed to address the challenges that we have been taking in the implementation of the peace agreement.”

The OPP lawmaker applauded the high level committee for having evaluated all the options and recommend the way forward taking in to consideration the fact that the transitional period of the R-ARCSS comes to an end on the 22nd February 2023.

 “The new time frame for the transitional period has been agreed to complete critical activities, it’s necessary to extent the transitional period. This marks another new beginning of our agreement,” Lodiong lamented.

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