Yei Women FC appeals for support amidst involvement in CECAFA tournament

A group of the players, medical, coaching and the entire technical team of Yei Joint Stars Women’s Football (Photo credit; Ephraim Modi D.S)

By Ephraim Modi D.S

The Acting Secretary of Yei Joint Stars Mr. Mabe Clement on Friday requested the general public to support the team in terms of resources to enable them run the activities of the club smoothly in the Council for East and Central Africa Football Association (CECAFA) qualifiers.

Yei Joint Stars Women Football club is the champion of this year’s South Sudan Women Football. It is the women team that will be representing the country for the second time in the CECAFA women’s tournament.

This year’s Zonal qualifiers will be held in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania between the 14-28 August, 2022.

The sharks has been training and preparing since mid-June this year till date and are soon to be at their residential camp ready to travel for the CECAFA who will open up their campaign with the She Corporate FC from Uganda on Sunday 14 August, 2022 at 3:00 C.A.T in National Stadium.

Speaking to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper during their training session, Mr. Clement highlighted that the team requires a lot of the financial and human resource to expedite the processes of the team while they are away for the competition.

“We have reached out to some sports lovers, people who feel that they need to support, we have also reached out to the corporate entities, and the government institutions to support the team,” he cited.

Mr. Clement said it’s up to the people of South Sudan and the government institutions at large to ensure that the team is really supported to be able to reach out and compete firmly in this year’s women football cup tournament.

He applauded the management of South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) in ensuring that the club requirements to be fully registered to participate in the competition are met.

The team was kicked out of the group stage last year after just winning a single game against the Ugandan team out of three matches played.

They are preparing to win two of their games of the three to surpass group stages and are being placed in a group that comprises of Uganda, Tanzania and Djibouti.

Mr. Clement disclosed that the team is only left with few things to be put in place before they would travel by next weekend to Tanzania for the competition.

The caretaker coach for Yei Joint Stars Mr. Umar Abdallah Loi assured the public that the team is generally prepared and is ready to face the countries in the CECAFA Cup tournament that they are competing with and they are now at the final touches.

“We are generally trying to prepare, getting the team ready for the challenge, we have three intensive weeks of training and the players are responding very well, we have tackled the four aspects of the game and that is tactical, technical, physical and psychological,” Mr. Loi confirmed.

He further commended the overall team for the warm atmosphere conveyed to him and for being very coordinative and working together for the success of the team and welcoming for the clear line of operations.

In preparation, he said they considered all the technical aspects in the game which is counter attack as being the key in strategizing of a game plan as per the modern football.

The Captain of the team Magunga Maurine Amos also reiterated that they are capable not only to participate but also to compete in which they are already prepared to represent and fight for the Country.

She said when they came back from the last year’s competition in Kenya, they analyzed their weakness and figured out to be in the defense and the midfield that was rectified immediately by bringing in more and confident people into those positions.

Dina Modong Oliver who is also the head of the medical team who will be traveling along with the team to Tanzania also guaranteed that fitness and health of the players is good to go and compete in the competition.

Modong as well affirmed that she has always been with the team during competitions and she will be able to face and manage the challenge to be encountered.

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