Criminal activities have reduced in Juba

Mahmoud Solomon, the Minister of Interior (L) and Joseph Charles Wani, Commissioner of Juba County (R)-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The Minister of Interior yesterday said the rate of criminal activities in Juba have reduced following the recent communal operation exercise carried to mitigate a number of cumulative acts by crooks.

This development came at the County headquarter during a meeting between the Commissioner of Juba County, Ministry of interior and other security bodies to evaluate the results of the joint operation carried to restore peace and calm in Juba after continuous breakdown and casualties caused by unknown attackers and mutilators in the city.

Recently, a joint meeting was held between organized entities which consisted of the Ministry of Interior, Juba County, State government, the City Council and security organs meant to carry a general operation in all areas, business centers and markets to trace calamities and crimes that have been sabotaging and hindering civil lives in Juba.

The joint exercise involved tracking niggers, robbers, human traffickers, illegal market occupants as well as other crime related issues that were regarded as human barriers.

Speaking to the media, Mahmoud Solomon, the Minister of Interior underscored that at least continuous attacks and random killing of civilians have reduced compared to early days and reports from people indicated signs of calm in most affected areas across the city.

He said the Ministry of Interior remained committed to erase all sorts of criminal activities in Juba and impose punitive measures for those who violate the laws regarding crimes in the country.

“At least the rate of criminal activities in Juba City has reduced since deployment of police through the joint efforts of the County leadership, the City Council, State government and other police organs. The Ministry of Interior remains committed to ensuring that crimes in Juba city are erased by all means for the safety of civilians,” Mahmoud said.

“We also warned any one against any sort of crimes and promised to impose punitive measures on any one who shall not abide by the law,’’ the Interior Minister reiterated.

Meanwhile Joseph Charles Wani, the Commissioner of Juba County assured the Minister of Interior of his full effort to support in enforcement of laws and orders at the County level to put off the rise of crimes.

He urged all the authorities to continue collaborating with all the area chiefs to mitigate crimes of all kinds in the city such that freedom of service delivery by the citizens will be exercised without threats. He further warned those threatening citizens to refrain before any action is imposed on them by force or fire.

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