Economic downturn prompted Kiir to relieve finance minister

By Taban Henry

The National Minister of Information, Communication and Postal Services Michael Makuei Lueth said the removal of the Finance Minister was provoked by the ongoing inflation in the country hence prompting President Kiir to relieve the Minister of Finance and Planning.

Minister Makuei in his address to the media after the Council of Ministers’ meeting on Friday last week urged the public to wait for the policies of the new minister.

“The finance minister has been relieved, let’s wait for the new minister to come with his policies. The former governor of the Central Bank has been appointed, let’s wait for his policies whether he will conform to those policies of the previous minister or he will come with his own policies,” he said.

Earlier last week President Salva Kiir relieved his minister of finance and the Governor of the Bank of South Sudan in a decree read late Thursday night on the state owned broadcaster, the SSBC.

Kiir appointed Johnny Ohisa Damian, the first deputy governor of the Bank of South Sudan as the acting governor of the Bank of South Sudan  meanwhile Dier Tong Ngor, the predecessor replaced Achuil as the Minister of Finance. The Presidential Decree came in the aftermath of high inflation that sent the South Sudanese Pound (SSP) tumbling down against the US dollar in the market.

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