“I was misquoted,” Juuk denies US instigating conflict remark

Kuol Manyang Juuk, Senior Presidential Advisor, Courtesy photo

By Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

The Senior Presidential Advisor Kuol Manyang Juuk has clarified his statement regarding the accusation he labeled against US for instigating conflict in the country, citing that he was taken out of context.

Yesterday, Juuk said the United States government was behind the mess that is happening in the country and thus he called on South Sudanese to stand alone and not to rely on the US funding.

“They will bring their money here, they will come and manage it here, in their own way, then maybe they are the one to change the system of our government, saying this person is bad, this and that, this is this tribe, this is that tribe to create conflict again, why can’t we be on our own,” Juuk said earlier.

However, Juuk protested that he was misquoted and clarified that he was responding to critics who believe that if America cut its funding then the peace would collapse.

“I was not accusing America of instigating conflict in South Sudan; no I did not say that,” he distanced himself.

“Now I am responding, why America? Why can’t we stand alone? We can do this by ourselves, America has supported us, and we don’t need to go and pursue them! Let us go ahead with our agreement, not necessarily America ‘America’ has gone it’s up to them, we don’t need to persuade them” Juuk clarified.

Earlier on, Kuol questioned the whereabouts of the USA before 1983, reminding that South Sudanese were marginalized back then where the US help would have been necessary.

Kuol earlier, added by cautioning the people who think begging America to change their mind from withdrawing their support to Ceasefire Transitional Security Arrangement Mechanism (CTSAMVM) to know that there is nothing for free in this world.

Recently, the United States of America (USA) withdrew their funding to the peace mechanism including the Ceasefire monitoring body ‘CTSAMVM’.

CTSAMVM is the peace mechanism entrusted with the role of documenting, reporting and monitoring the ceasefire agreement, the parties’ signatories to the September 2018 Revitalized peace Agreement.

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