Police Detain Five Konyokonyo Market Protesters

Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin, the South Sudan National Police Spokesperson, Photo/ courtesy

By Akol Madut Ngong

The Police authorities have arrested five protesters after staging a protest in Konyo-Konyo market over the weekend.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Police spokesperson Daniel Justin said yesterday there were some people who conducted protest in Konyo-konyo Market and the security forces went there to contain the security situation adding that the people arrested sustained minor injuries and they are in the police custody at Malakia police station.

According to him, the five protestors are currently in the police detention including a female journalist adding that they are safe.

“Over the weekend (Sunday) the youth conducted a peaceful protest on the street of Kony-konyo market against high cost of living in the country where they wrote messages such as “we can’t afford bread now”. We can’t manage water and sugar now as well as high transport fares and fuel prices in the country leading to the arrest by security forces and others were dispersed by shooting into air,” he said.

Maj. Gen. Justin added that investigation is going on to find out the root causes of the demonstration held by the protestors.

He called on the public to stay calm citing that there is nothing but it is a police case, they will be taken to court and all of them are safe.

“The market infiltrated gradually by where international factors and that the USD is appreciating worldwide against major currencies, countries are facing unexpectly high inflation including food inflation, supply chain disruptions and demand supply imbalances in product and labour market,” he said.

He stated that there is no unified prices of food commodities, currently one bread costs 70 SSP, 1,000 for water, transport is 500 per trip on public transport, one litre of fuel is equal 1100 SSP, one kilo of sugar is 700 SSP while food in common restaurants is 1,200, 1,500 and so forth. 

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