Two teachers murdered by unknown gunmen in Ikotos

By Taban Henry

Authorities in Ikotos county of Eastern Equatoria state has said two teachers have been killed by unknown gunmen along Tseretenya road on Sunday morning.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Joseph Loholong Ikotos County Commissioner confirmed the killing of the two teachers citing that they were actually four of which two were killed and the other teacher including a girl narrowly escaped.

He said that the incident happened when some group of raiders attempted to raid cattle from Niteuso village they went and laid an ambush on the road to Tseretenya where by the two teachers were murdered.

“On Sunday morning at around 4 am, two teachers were killed along Tseretenya road. They were actually four, three teachers including a girl unfortunately the head teacher who was ahead of them who asked the raiders whether they were their people was shot on the head and died instantly, the other teacher who was trying to escape also was shot. The other teacher and the girl continued running and survived narrowly. The two people who survived were the very people who narrated how the incident happened,” he said.

Loholong added that after they got the information about the killing of the two teachers they rushed to the scene and they confirmed the killing of the two teachers citing that the same raider’s intercepted the full barrack of wildlife officers, they burnt Iyak village.

He mentioned that the raiders came from behind the mountain of Kidepo valley.

“We sent forces to follow the matter after they have already left but the population of the raiders is beyond the population of our forces who are here on the ground of which they cannot manage to contain the situation” Loholong mentioned.

The commissioner described the situation as an organized kind of raiding that the youth could not even manage.

He called on the civil societies to conduct dialogue for the conflicting communities adding that he met with some civil societies who talked with the people in the county citing that people have accepted that they wanted peace but however two people have also been killed again.

“There is one thing, I have seen there is need for all the intellectuals who reign from this county including the members of parliament, needed to be brought together for dialogue in order to see what will happen next,” he said.

Loholong called on the conflicting communities to forget the act of raiding adding that they should avoid the wrong politicians particularly those who are trying to divide people according to their interest.

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