Aid workers killed in Ikwoto road ambush

By Ijoo Bosco

At least two humanitarian workers have been killed and one other injured in a road ambush in Ikwoto County of Eastern Equatoria State.

The Eastern Equatoria State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement, Peter Lokeng confirmed the incident to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper via phone.

He acknowledged the killing of Caritas Luxemburg’s aid worker who is a WASH manager alongside his Colleague Oroma Henry while returning from a field work in Tseretaenya.

Mr. Lokeng added that, among the wounded personnel was a teacher from Lohila primary school in the midst of Ikwoto town and Tsereteny of Ikwoto town

Lokeny said the incident occurred yesterday evening on the road between Tseretenya and Ikwoto town by unknown gunmen that have ambushed the aid workers alongside with their colleagues.

Minister Lokeng condemned the act saying authorities joined by a team comprising of security personnel have left Torit town to investigate series of killings and deadly reports across the County.

“It was this morning (Wednesday) that we sat for urgent extra ordinary Council of Ministers meeting chaired by Governor Louis Lobong, we have resolved to form an advance team to go and investigate the recurrence killing in the County, they will joint some county personnel who are now on the ground tomorrow,” Lokeng noted.

He also stated that the vehicle was coming from Tseretenya to Ikwoto town that was a base for the Aid workers with some of their colleagues who fell into an ambush. They shot on them killing the driver who is also in charge of the Wash program for the organization.

The humanitarian workers are believed to be sent from Torit town and are stationed in Ikwotos County headquarter implementing Caritas Luxemburg Wash project across the Payams of the County.

The Ikwoto County Commissioner said the Aid workers were attacked after completing their field assessment at Lohila and Lofus of Ikwoto Payam and barely shot while nearing the town by unidentified gunmen.

Joseph Loholong confirmed the series of killings and counter revenge amongst the communities in his County saying the armed forces stationed in his County are adamant to response to his request or calls for intervention.

“Yes, I have the forces here but every time I call for their support they come with huge complaints of needs for food and money to response to urgent insecurity issues,” Loholong hinted.

The humanitarian agency, Caritas Luxemburg is yet to comment on the incident.

According to several reports from the County, this year has been characterized by killing amongst the SSPDF forces and civilians in Ikwoto, harassment and assaults within the County now have been extended to aid workers while on line of their mission.

These same killing have been reported in Eastern Equatoria, Jonglei, Unity, and Lakes State, including Administrative Areas in South Sudan.

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