City Mayor warns residents against protest

By Adia Jildo

The Mayor of Juba City Council Michael Ladu Allah Jabu has called on the citizens to take their grievances to relevant authorities rather than protesting which might cause destruction and public alarm.

Allah-Jabu made the statement while briefing the media in regards to the protest that was staged by a group of youth over the weekend in Konyokonyo market over the high prices of commodity and economic hardship.

The City Mayor however said the protest was made with a bad intention to destroy and cause insecurity.

“If there is any issue of concern, let it be expressed by our representatives of the three houses that is the national, State legislative assemblies and the local legislative assembly,” he advised.

According to the Mayor, the youth were raising slogans and burning tyres hence causing disorder which needed the intervention of the security to rescue the situation.

“A group of people who are identified to be allied to the People’s Coalition for Civil Action and some students from the University of Juba attempted to conduct a harsh protest in Konyokonyo market with the intension of causing insecurity and to mobilize the masses to join them,” Allah-Jabu stated.

He said the government recognizes the economic hardship and inflation and is injecting the foreign currency in the market to make sure prices subside.

He however warned the people of conducting any protest without the knowledge of authorities as impermissible citing it as an act that would cause insecurity and public disorder.

“For any peaceful protest, it shall be coordinated and approved by the authorities otherwise you will be faced by legal charges and by the law,” calling on the citizens to, “Stop and cease from carrying any unfounded message of hate and misleading information that may create public disorder and insecurity”.

The Mayor however appreciated the citizens for their patience despite the economic hardship promising that Juba City Council and the national authorities are working hard to enable prices of commodities subside by following up with traders.

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