Citizens should be responsibly clean in this rainy season

The catastrophic rains of this season that are destroying infrastructures in other countries have not yet hit the country. Why would they come to destroy an already hard-hit nation with many terrific issues like poverty, violence, conflict, malnutrition, disease, poor service, market inflation and other catastrophes anyways? One already devastated inhabitant of the land would ask.

Regardless of the many disasters befalling the nation, the citizens should not neglect their responsibility of keeping the community clean because when the rains fall, all the trash will be washed away into the valley, water streams which will eventually multiply disease and worsen drainage.

Earlier this week, Mayor Michael Allah-Jabu issued a local order for the distribution and sale of garbage collection containers by the waste management company that they had contracted about three months ago that will help keep the town clean by giving out garbage cans, whose service will be paid for, depending on the size of the entity. Despite the fact that this service will not be free of charge, the overall objective of the project which is to keep the town clean is good since diarrhea disease will be minimized to an extent by this.

However, a sad but true note as reported by concerned citizens is that some of the waste containers by another waste management company are overflowing with trash and on the contrary, some are left empty. Despite company mishaps however, the individual responsibility to keep one’s environment clean still remains.    

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